Council Leadership Roles


Volunteer Screening Committee

Chairperson of the committee, working to make sure that a diverse group of people and perspectives are recommended to open positions to help plan for Lakewood's future. 

Ad Hoc Housing Committee & Housing Policy Commission

Chairperson of the ad hoc committee, which was formed to create the permanent Lakewood Housing Commission (LHC), that is tasked with finding solutions to housing-related issues in the city.  O-2019-26 

Unanimously voted in on 10/15/19 as the Housing Policy Commission Chairperson.

Legislative Committee

Former member of this committee, which reviews proposed state legislation through the lens of Lakewood as a home rule city, and determines if we as a City support, oppose or remain neutral on each piece of legislation.

Budget and Audit Committee

Former member of this committee, which is responsible for reviewing Lakewood’s fiscal policy and budgetary needs.

Head Start Committee

Member of this committee.  As a Head Start alumni, I am honored to serve on this committee where I get to learn about and support the great work that is performed by the staff, parents and students.  Click here to learn more about Lakewood's Early Head Start and Head Start programs. 

Judge's Salary Committee

Member of this committee, which is responsible for reviewing and making recommendations to the City Council for the salaries of the Presiding Municipal Judge and Associate Municipal Judges of the Lakewood Municipal Court.