Council Accomplishments

Councilor Barb Franks Lakewood Colorado City Council Reelect

I am particularly proud of these accomplishments in which I’ve either played a strong supporting role or took the lead in introducing, and ultimately passing important legislation for the community.

Strengthened Limits on Construction Noise

Put residents first by prohibiting new construction on Sundays and major holidays, and standardizing start and stop times for those activities, which resulted in an overall reduction in total work hours Monday-Saturday. O-2019-19

Increased Open Space Dedication and Fees in Lieu

Increased park and open space dedications, including a requirement that developers pay a fee equal to the fair market value of land when land dedications are not practical. Given the high value of land in the metro area, this was a significant change. 

Stricter Rules to Protect Youth

Protected our youth by implementing strict rules for retailers that sell non-cigarette tobacco and vaping products.  O-2019-1

Zoning Code Improvements

Revised zoning laws to address problems with development in the city, including changes to mixed use regulations (e.g., Mixed Use Employment zone districts revised to include "The amount of residential space in any development shall not exceed 50% of the total building gross floor area"), establishing stricter site design rules and architectural review and of new projects, and requiring new projects to meet stringent sustainability standards. (See O-2019-8 for Zoning Changes. The Design Review Commission was established under O-2019-21.)

Campaign Finance Reform

Dramatically reduced the maximum donation amounts made directly to Mayoral and Council candidates. [More work needed to address money that comes into Independent Expenditure Committees.]

Councilor Barb Franks Lakewood Colorado City Council Reelect

Citizens' Right to the Ballot

Guaranteed the unfettered access of citizens to petition their government through the Initiative and Referendum process by removing municipal code in conflict with the City Charter.  O-2019-5

Council Policies and Procedures

Led the drafting committee that revised the Council Policies and Procedures (CPP) Manual. The revisions were comprehensive and included (among many items) protections to ensure that all voices are heard by guaranteeing speaking time of all individuals, pooling of speaking time*, and a first-of-its-kind harassment policy.  (*Policy 05.8 of the Council Policies and Procedures)

Council Votes

Advocated for the publishing of Council Votes.  

Process Improvements

Advocated for adequate notice to be given on issues coming before council, providing more time for the community to give input and Council members to ask clarifying questions. Ultimately the timeline was extended from 3 days to 10 days, which is very beneficial especially when meeting packets are large (e.g., 200+ pages of information).

Advocated for a community dashboard / project site where Council and the public could track priorities and progress.

Worked (and continue working) with staff and fellow Councilors on improving meeting efficiency. We continue to reap the benefits of the continual process improvements being made.