Barb Franks Lakewood City Council Councilor Ward 4 reelect knowledgeable experienced

- Colorado native and 20+ year resident of Lakewood 

- 8-year history of standing up for our community 

- Community Activist – Preserved open space;  fought for smart, responsible growth

- Experienced, independent legislator with deep knowledge of local issues

- Demonstrated ability to research data to drive better critical decision-making

- Proven leader, effective communicator, problem solver

- Information Technology Project Manager; City Councilor since 2015

- Passionate gardener and beekeeper

A native of  Colorado growing up on the Eastern Plains, I learned as a child living below the poverty line about the pressures and difficulties facing working families and those on fixed incomes. From my first paying job at age 14, I also learned the difference between a 'hand out' and a 'hand up', realizing that it takes a proper balance of both to sustain a viable middle class.

I believe strongly in education and credit great educators for showing me the path to success.  After college, I embarked on a 20 plus year career in Information Technology Project Management. Developing technical and process improvement skills led to positions of increasing responsibility where I learned how to collaborate with diverse groups of individuals, practice active listening and effectively communicate.

A lifelong love of nature and the outdoors guided me to volunteer for the Lakewood's Adopt-A-Trail Program, join the Ute Trail Community Garden project as a founding member and become a passionate home gardener and beekeeper.

In 2011, when local Lakewood Open Space at 2090 S. Wright St. was threatened with development, in violation of the City Charter, I joined with neighbors in the community and took a lead role in saving the open space for future generations.  The success of this volunteer effort inspired me to use my talents for preservation of the quality of life for all the citizens of Lakewood by running for and being elected to City Council in 2015.

My husband, Glenn, and I love our suburban Lakewood community and I am honored to have been first elected to City Council in 2015 and re-elected in 2019, giving me the opportunity to continue to use my voice on City Council to protect all that makes Ward 4 a special place to call home; and leverage my experience, deep knowledge of local issues and proven ability to research data to drive better critical decision-making to preserve the unique desirability of our city, while simultaneously bringing economic development to areas of our city that need it.